About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide educational and support services designed to improve student achievement while building their self confidence.

Our Method

During the initial consultation, your child will be given a series of questions. Their responses will help us to determine the kind of learner our tutors will be responsible to teach. Also, the parent/guardian will be asked what their expectations are of our tutoring program.

Next, we will administer a pre test at the child’s grade level in both Reading and Math in order to determine what their strengths and weaknesses are in those subjects. With the parent’s permission, we talk to the child’s homeroom teacher about his/her behavior and academic performance in school.

Lastly, we develop a learning plan for each student that is designed to meet their specific needs using the information provided by you and your child’s classroom teacher. Through this collaborative effort, we form a team with one goal in mind – a successful student. Also, you will be provided written progress reports periodically throughout the program so that you can monitor your child’s growth towards success.

Each child will receive a healthy snack before each session and will receive great prizes for good attendance.

Our Staff

At J-Vision we pride ourselves on hiring qualified instructors that have at least a BA/BS, a teaching certificate or work towards a state credential. Our instructors have extensive experience in the education industry and are well versed in all subject matters taught. They are dedicated to the belief that all students can learn if given the proper tools and necessary skills to do so. J-Vision provides extensive training to our staff on our curriculum, procedures and conflict management. We hire retired teachers and administrators to mentor our students and to give back to the communities that we service.

Meet the Team


Candice Jones-Mulder
Founder & CEO

Born and raised in the Bay Area of CA, Candice Jones-Mulder founded J-Vision, Inc in 2006. She holds a B. A. in Mass Media Arts, Journalism from Hampton University. Prior to founding J-Vision, Inc.,Candice was a classroom teacher for primary grades in Oakland Unified School District and taught Intermediate English to English Language Adult Learners in Mt. Diablo Unified School District. She previously worked as an educational trainer for SRA/Open Court Reading Program and as regional director for a supplemental educational services company in the Bay Area, which inspired her to start her own educational services company. As the president and founder of J-Vision, Inc., she is responsible for managing business development, budgeting and recruiting, as well as training and assessing staff. Candice shares her Bay Area home with her husband and daughter.

Bettie G. Erby
Director of Education

Bettie is a retired educator with forty – nine years (49) years of experience, having served thirty – nine (39) years with the Oakland Unified School District as Language Arts Prep Teacher, classroom teacher, curriculum assistant, Title I support teacher and project facilitator. She has extensive background providing language arts/reading strategies at the district level and for school sites. She served as an Early Literacy In-service Course Facilitator, Reading Recovery Coordinator and Program Improvement Liaison with the Department of State and Federal Programs. In addition to curriculum skills, Bettie provided on-site assistance to principals to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines. She provided and coordinated training and demonstration lessons for teachers, instructional assistants and parents. She also supervised interns working on their credential. Bettie earned a Master of Arts degree in Education from Pepperdine University.

She continues to provide reading and math strategies to teachers, parents and students working with "No Child Left Behind," Before and After School Programs.