Our Programs/Services


At J-Vision we realize that every school’s academic needs for their students are unique. This is why we customize our services to fit your particular school’s needs and budget. We give you the option of using our materials to teach your students or we can use the materials that you are currently using at your site.


Our Programs:

Whether your school needs a Reading Program for Beginners or Students with Advanced Skills our program works for all learners. We also have an Academic Reading and State Test Preparation program. Our Math Essentials and State Test Preparation program is a basic math program that provides students with specific instruction on basic computation, skills, problem solving, measurement, graphing, equation and numeration. Lastly, we have a Writing Skills program, Homework Assistance, and SAT and ACT preparation classes.

Our Services:

After School and Summer Tutoring Services

J-Vision’s After School and Summer Tutoring Services are designed to improve student achievement while building their self-confidence. We employ certified teachers to teach Reading and Math skills to students in grades K-12 in small groups of 8-10 students. Our materials are geared towards the California standards and our intensive instruction is designed to make sure that students have 80% mastery of the skills that are being taught. Students receive State Test Preparation from lessons that are written in a format similar to the California State Test. Our Reading and Math lessons are customized to meet the needs of each individual student. Progress reports are generated every two weeks to show the student’s progress in their tutoring sessions. Two Parent Conferences are scheduled throughout the program. Incentives are given as daily motivators and rewards given at the end of the program.

Pull-out Tutoring Services in Schools

Children are taught during school hours on campus for an hour, 4 times a week. Please refer to the above description for After School and Summer Tutoring Services for a complete description of services.

Teacher In-Services

At J-Vision we believe that a student’s success rate in school is contingent upon a collaborative effort between their teacher, parent and the administrative staff at their school. As your tutorial provider, J-Vision becomes a part of this equation. We offer trainings to teachers on our proven methods of teaching and philosophies that they can implement in their classrooms. Our staff consists of retired teachers, administrators, and curriculum coaches that have a wealth of knowledge in all areas of curriculum in the educational field.

Parent Trainings

J-Vision offers trainings to parents on all of our programs.

Homework Club

J-Vision offers homework assistance to students in grades K-12 at their school sites.